Hotmail Attachments Limit

The regular Hotmail attachments limit determines the size of files or folders when each time sending to other via Hotmail email service. In online webmail service attachment is the same like stitching the papers, files or documents in our physical world office. In the case of virtual world online files, folders and documents can also be possible to attached with our text message. However, the attachment is limited by Hotmail. Users cannot exceed the limitation of attachments. The files attachment service is confined by Microsoft webmail services like Hotmail, MSN, Outlook and

Hotmail Attachment Limit

        Hotmail Attachment Limit

How many attachments can I send each time when sending message to other ?

  • If you are a Hotmail Account holder, then you are allowed to send total of 50 (fifty) attachments each time with total of 10 MB (Mega Byte)



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