How to Recover Account

Are you facing the problem of your hotmail account being hacked? If so, then we can help you to recover or account with few easy steps. No one would probably want their personal information to be disclosed or let used by others but there are cases where hackers use others account for their whatsoever purpose. This is a common problem that most of the internet users face these days. So, we will list out some steps on how to recover account.

Before moving out to the steps first it is important to know how did a hacker got your password. Some of the most probable techniques that a hacker might use ;

  • Malware: There are some internet programs built to steal your passwords and while you download any untrusted programs your account might get hacked.
  • Attacking internet sites: It will be real easy for the hackers to steal account info if they break into any internet sites in which you’ve saved your passwords.
  • Phishing

Now that you’ve known about the informations above you can do few things to recover account.

  1. Clean Your Pc: Before you change your password, make sure that you want to clean your pc from viruses or malware because most hackers get your password with the malware installed on your pc. This way hackers cannot get your new password.
  2. Proper antivirus: Install proper antivirus for the safety of your account and make sure it is up to date and do a full scanning of your system.
  3. Change your password: After you’ve cleaned your pc and installed an antivirus, it is time that you change or reset your password. If your account has been hacked previously you might encounter problem while signing in. While creating a new password be very careful.
  4. Reset your account settings: will clear the previous account settings if your account has already been hacked.
  5. Restore deleted emails and contacts: will place all of your emails and messages in safe place if your account has been hacked. You can then restore deleted contacts from the deleted folder in




How to Block People On

If you are tired and annoyed of seeing your inbox full of junk or unwanted emails and messages then this post will guide you through your problem. Clearing or blocking the unwanted person on is quite easy but if you’re new to you might get confused but its common.

You can block unwanted person on by using Microsoft’s Sweep tool that allows you to block unwanted senders. Here’s how you do it;

  • First you need to login to to get to the inbox. Sometimes people encounter problems like hotmail problem but that’s not a big deal.
  • After you’re signed up go to the inbox section.
  • You can see the boxes next to the messages check on it for blocking or removing unwanted sender.
  • Now click on the Sweep tool on the top centre.
  • This is where you do your thing. After you click on the sweep tool various options will appear among which select ‘Delete all from Inbox and block future email‘.
  • Finally click on Sweep to confirm the deletion.

This is how you can block a person from sending us you an email or messages permanently. Enjoy…



How to Restore Deleted Contacts?

Either it is email service or mobile phone contacts, contacts are always important and sometimes it plays a vital role in professional lives. Contacts may include family, friends or professional relations that helps to communicate and stay connected. So, what if these contacts are lost? However, contacts can be added again but it can be time consuming at work. But you don’t need to worry because you can restore deleted contacts in your This certainly makes you smile isn’t it?

In this post we will show you some basic common steps on how to restore deleted contacts. But this might be bit of a different case if someone fails to remember the hotmail login or someone is facing hotmail login problems at the same time. The steps are quite easily done and to remember as well.

  1. First thing that you need to do is go to the home page and enter your username and password.
  2. Now, you can see the menu bar at the top left where you will see your contacts.
  3. Click on Manage and then click Restore deleted contacts.
  4. You can choose to restore the contacts individual if you want or you can restore all the contacts once if you want it to be restored.

See the steps are very simple but if the contacts deleted time has expired more than 30 days then you cannot restore it.

How to Restore Deleted Email Message in

This might be pretty unfortunate for youremails and messages are unlikely deleted from your Not every messages are considered important but what if your official mails, messages are lost without your concern or accidently? This will certainly give you anxiety if so happens. But you don’t need to worry now because you can restore your deleted messages in Suprised! yes today we will show you how to restore deleted email message in This process is also useful in case of your account being hacked by someone.

How To Restore Deleted Email Message in

  • To recover the deleted message go to the left panel of window and Click on the deleted folder. But if you don’t see the deleted messages that means the messages are permanently lost.

After you get the deleted messages you will try to recover as many messages as possible and it will put them in your deleted folder. Now that you have recovered the deleted messages you would want to organize them by their importance as in your inbox or personal folders as the Deleted folder gets cleaned periodically.

See the process takes no time and is very simple. Enjoy

How to Access on Mobile

Did you know that you can now access on mobile phones? Yes, in this post we will show you some tips on how to access on mobile devices. There is no doubt that internet users have grown huge and rapidly within few years and so as the mobile internet users. Due to its easy accessibility and compatibility mobile internet users has increased surprisingly. People now use their mobile devices to check their mails, messages or contacts.

Here are some tips to access on your every kind of mobile devices.

Windows Phone

  • On Start Menu, Flick left to the App list, then tap on E-mails & Accounts.
  • Then to add account tap on add account option.
  • For those who have Windows Phone 8, tap Outlook and with those of Windows Phone 7, tap Windows Live.
  • Now enter your email address and your password.
  • You can now sign in

For those who use iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

For all these devices you can apply the same process.

  • Tap on Settings, and then tap on Mail and Contacts.
  • Tap on add account as same as on windows phone.
  • Now select
  • After you’ve selected Hotmail enter your email address and password.
  • Finally select the fields that you want to sync and tap Save. on Android,

  • For all android users, you can use free Android app by Microsoft + SEVEN.
  • If you are new to Android phones search for free android app on google play service.
  • After you’ve downloaded and installed on your android device, enter your email address and password.
  • Tap Next.
  • You can also choose additional options like sync mail frequency and nickname to use.

If the app is not working for any reason then you don’t need to worry as you can still access on your Android device. Here’s how you do it.

  • Tap on Email option and then tap on Add account on your device.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Tap Manual Setup.
  • Tap Exchange under what type of account is this?
  • You’ll probably see a domain field so leave it blank. Just fill up the username field and your email address.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter for Server name.
  • Make sure that SSL connection check-box is checked properly and then tap Next.
  • Choose your account options and tap Next.
  • Tap Done to finish the setup.


Outlook to Import Yahoo Mail

According to the recent news Microsoft stated that the new hotmail Outlook will now import mails allowing users an access to another major email provider. The software giant also stated that the users can now import other emails via Outlook that uses IMAP protocol added by last year.

Microsoft unlike its rivals Apple and Goolgle have tried their hard to created or develop a set of services and apps that allows users to share information and presents a wide store of knowledge. One of the most popular example would be Microsoft’s Latest release Windows 8.1. Regarding the email strategy Microsoft recently added Gmail email service to its portal and now same has been done for yahoo. Now users can manage their yahoo mails through the interface. Sometimes users experience some hotmail problems despite of this serves quite good. More than 80 % of the users these days has started to use a single account to manage their other email accounts as managing multiple email accounts can be time consuming and confusing. So, keeping this note Microsoft has added yahoo mail under While all this, it can be unfruitful for as there would be less traffic and quite a less interaction for yahoo.

How to Unblock Outlook Account

Just imagine how would you feel when you are signing into your outlook account because you’ve received mail from your client. The next you get is a notification that says ‘your account has been temporarily blocked due to unusual activities in your account? Obviously it would frustrating and soon starts to get annoying if you cannot get rid of the problem. You know that the blocking has been done for your own account safety as your personal information can be hacked or any kind of fraud activities. But it would be hard for you to convince this to your client isn’t it? So here we will be discussing on how to unblock your account.

Now, unblocking process may take several hours to 24 hours sometimes. So patience is the key.

There are few ways that you can choose to unblock your account but the fastest and easiest way to do that is online.

  1. If you are logged in to your account that is already blocked you need to sign out first. Even though your account has been blocked you will still be able to check your mails.
  2. Second thing you can do is to request a code to be sent on your phone via text message. If you don’t receive a text message there is a chance that you can get the code through automated phone calls.
  3. If you don’t receive any code or the code itself doesn’t work then check your phone numbers that you have entered for any errors.
  4. You can also send a text message requesting for a code. This may take several minutes depending upon the ability of your network. You can request a new code if you haven’t received any within 15 minutes.

If all these process don’t work then you can contact at support. To do this you must be signed in but don’t worry as you can still login to your blocked account. All you need to do is fill up a form that includes information. As soon as it is done you will receive emails with updates until your account has been unblocked.


How to Access Gmail in Windows Live Hotmail

With over 350 million users worldwide is no doubt one of the oldest and popular webmail service worldwide. But having said that some users might want the emails to go to their Gmail account. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible to access Gmail in Windows Live Hotmail.

This happens when users have multiple email account and they want to manage via one webmail service. So, here are few simple steps on how to access gmail in windows live hotmail.

  • First you need to make sure that POP access is enabled in your Gmail account.
  • Then go to the Select option and click on More options in your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox.
  • Go the the Manage your account to follow Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts.
  • In-order to receive mails from other email accounts click on Add an e-mail account under You can receive mail from these accounts.
  • Now type your Gmail email address under E-mail address box and enter your Gmail password.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose where you want the gmail emails or messages to appear. Whether you want it to appear under default Windows Live Hotmail Inbox or in a new folder under When mail is sent to, where do you want it to go?.

By following the above process you can access Gmail in Windows Live Hotmail.Add Acounts


Microsoft Web Apps

The giant Microsoft corporation has now launched it’s official apps for Microsoft Outlook for ios devices. Currently it has introduced for two ios main devices which we can know as Iphone and Ipad. You can download these apps from its official apps store for Iphone and Ipad. Let’s see what Microsoft has brought on Microsoft Web apps in the below articles.

In this web apps Microsoft is aiming to add lots of features using office 365 which includes many big features like Exchange Online and many more. It also let you to subscribe office 365. It also helps you to get latest updates of Exchange Online. Many people keep on wondering about the apps. They are mainly confuse about its specifications. It is named as Web app but it runs on mobile devices. If you are confused about the one then trust me you’re not the only one. Microsoft Mobile app is the simple mobile apps that offer many usual services like email, calendar and contact that you can use both from Outlook Web App in the browser and same with the mobile packaged apps.

Some of the Microsoft Web Apps features are listed below.

  • It helps you to organize your email quickly with conversation view, mark as Junk, flag and organize in different categories.
  • You can search your emails in all folders including favorites.
  • You can also marks schedule meeting using several services like Attendee free/busy and room finder.
  • You can also view and share calendars.
  • You can also integrate voice support system to look for different contacts and arrangement of your schedules.
  • You can use separate passcode or passwords for OWA iphone which helps to add additional layers of security.

Microsoft Web Apps

And many more other features. They are still working on it and fixing several bugs to bring faster and better apps for mobile and browser users.

How to use skype through

We already know that Microsoft who took over hotmail has also bought skype in  a very huge amount. With this bought microsoft has done something new for the world users. Now you don’t have to open skype separately and do video chat now you can skype chat with your friends and family from a single window. Lets see how we do that on how to use skype through

How to use skype through

Before you start skyping through you need to install certain program or integration software and plugins which you can download from the link. After successful installation of these software you can simply follow these simple steps.

  • Open your and sign in with your account.
  • After sign in to your account, click on the messaging option in the upper right hand side of screen. (If your skype account and outlook account is different then you can import and integrate the contacts)
  • If you want to skype with someone from then type the name of that person from messaging section and click on new conversation and below that you can simply see the skype sign and you can make a video call or audio call from there.
  • If you are chatting with your friends and want them to join in skype then simply click on the green button and you’re good to go.
  • If you are reading someone email and want to say hi to them or skype with them, then just hover your mouse to their names, a box will appear and call from it.

You can use all the features of skype from however speed of the internet may play vital role while video chatting. You have to integrate your contacts with outlook and skype before you start to skype on According to the sources, Microsoft is working on it’s updates and it is believed that we can do HD video chat in it’s new updates.